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Giving your child a great start in life is simple — just start with The Basics.

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Giving your child a great start in life is simple — just start with The Basics.

Maximize Love, Manage Stress
Talk, Sing, & Point
Count, Group, & Compare
Explore Through Movement & Play
Read & Discuss Stories
The Basics are five fun, simple, and powerful ways that every family can give every child a great start in life.

ANNOUNCING THE Do The Basics” Instagram Challenge!

Post a Picture,

Build a movement

The Basics Southcoast is excited to announce the launch of the “Do The Basics” Instagram challenge! Starting this summer, caregivers across the South Coast are challenged to post fun, engaging, and adorable photos of their infants and toddlers doing The Basics. Every month, top posts will be voted upon to win a prize from one of our sponsors! Click below to learn more.

Learn THE Principles

Five science-based parenting and caregiving tenants that support social, emotional, and cognitive development of children from birth to age three. 

The Basics Tools for Southcoast Organizations

Our Community Toolkit provides a rich constellation of implementation guides, videos, and written resources for organizations and staff members who inform and support parents and caregivers around use of The Basics Principles.

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“After [The Basics Southcoast presentation], I experimented with my two year old granddaughter and realized I was forgetting to categorize. Once introduced to it, she does it automatically and with glee. As a literacy coach and elementary teacher, my primary focus is on language. Nice to get a little bit more well rounded!”

Karren Babbitt
Retired Literacy Coach,  Dartmouth Public Schools



  1. Please allow two weeks advance notice for the speaker requests when possible.
  2. A representative from The Southcoast Coalition for Early Childhood Education will contact you within three business days of receiving this request.
  3. If you need confirmation before these three business days, please complete this form and call Nick Matthew at (774) 503-4218.

Southcoast Health:
The Basics Southcoast Lead Partner

Southcoast Health is a not-for-profit, community-based health system with multiple access points, offering an integrated continuum of health services throughout southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Healthcare systems are a primary touchpoint in the lives of families with young children. As a lead partner, Southcoast Health is a critical asset in the socioecological saturation of The Basics Southcoast across the region.

HEED is a collaborative network comprising diverse stakeholders committed to providing every child with the best start in life, ensuring they enter kindergarten prepared to achieve their maximum potential.